Wings of a Dream – Handmade Brooch


Fly away with me on the wings of a dream … I created this unique handmade brooch from metal and wood that I found on the streets of Melbourne. It was featured in the Australian National Brooch Show in 2019.




I created this one-of-a-kind brooch, Wings of a Dream, from metal and wood that I found on the streets of Melbourne. I normally create wall sculptures and 3D sculptures from the wood, metal and tiles I find on the streets of Melbourne, but last year I took the opportunity to think smaller.

Through Instagram I met handmade jewellery designer Lynn Allison from New Orleans. She regularly encouraged me to try something ‘jewellery sized’, but I never had.

Then I saw that the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria was holding its annual Australian National Brooch Show.

I hunted through my collection of trash looking for smooth backing pieces and tiny pieces of metal. I bought a packed of brooch clips, then started experimenting.

Making brooches is great fun. Five of my pieces were on display in the 2019 Australian National Brooch Show – including Wings of a Dream. Several others have sold at Incube8r Gallery in Prahran and Fitzroy. Now they are available through my online shop as well.

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 4 × 5 × 1 cm