My art exhibitions and arts practice have been reported several times in the news media. Publicity includes articles in newspapers and specialist newsletters, as well as on online portals.

I was interviewed by Greta Burgio, who created a Faces of West Melbourne feature about my arts practice for the City of Melbourne’s Neighbourhood Portal in which River Studios is located. It is on the portal, as well as reproduced below.

The City of Melbourne has a feature page in each issue of this free monthly newpaper, and my art was featured in the December 2023-Jannary 2024 issue, No. 33, on page 4.

The Precious Collective is an international group of jewellery designers with organisers located in the UK. This article appeared in pages 5-6 of their December 2023 newsletter.

Because we were in lockdown, writer Flora Sciarra interviewed me by Zoom about my exhibition planned for the City Library Gallery. After the publication of the article, the library asked me to extend the exhibition for an additional month, to 10 February 2022, which I was pleased to do.

Several artists from River Studios created a gallery at The Pavilion in Fitzroy Gardens from July to December 2021. Writer Ellen O’Brien interviewed me and reported the story for the Spring 2021 issue, p. 9.

North and West Melbourne News

I was thrilled when a friend offered me some original nails from her 1870s home when she was having the roof repaired, and I used these in brooches I created for the 2021 Australian National Brooch Show. The local North and West Melbourne News covered the story, which was written by Annette McQuarrie.

The Senior – Victoria

Creativity Cluster, the group I facilitate, was featured in this article prior to our exhibition De-Construction/Re-Construction in the Dirty Dozen display cases in the underpass to the train station below Flinders Street. It appeared on page 9 of the 3 October 2020 issue, Victorian edition of The Senior.

Vientiane Times, Laos

The article below covered the launch of my solo exhibition ‘From the Streets of Vientiane’. It was held at The Secret Art and Wine Bar in Vientiane, Laos. The Australian Ambassador to Laos, His Excellency Mr Jean-Bernard Carrasco, launched the exhibition.

The article appeared in the Vientiane Times on 19 September 2019, p. 8, in the Entertainment section. The Vientiane Times is the major English-language newspaper in Laos.

North and West Melbourne News

I wrote this article about how I started creating my niche ‘art from trash’ wall sculptures. The article appeared in the North and West Melbourne News, my local community newspaper.

North Melbourne is where I live, and West Melbourne is where River Studios is located. The article appeared in the Summer 2018-2019 edition, p 17, in the Arts and Entertainment section. The photo was taken when I was running a workshop for the community Spring Fling festival.

Contacting me for interview

To contact me for interview, either about my own arts practice or about the Creativity Cluster group of seven women artists, please use the form on the contact page.