How I create my art

How I work

My art is inspired by the challenge of happenstance. I use only the materials that I find on my daily walks or that are thrown out in skips.

I start each of my sculptures by experimenting. Usually I lay out a selection of found objects on a piece of tile or wood. I rework the layout over several days. Often I add to, remove or rearrange the objects to observe the effect in different light and from different angles.

My ‘palette’ is usually silver, rust, black and woodgrain. This creates a natural harmony and cohesiveness. It also encourages viewers to look more closely, to observe the wide range of variability in sheen, patterning and lustre.

Only then do I glue

When I feel satisfied with the aesthetics of a work, I glue the pieces down. Glueing is tedious work, even more so because I use a toothpick to remove any excess glue.

If an artwork hasn’t come together after several days of experimenting and rearranging, I call it quits. The nails, bolts, nuts, bottle caps and other pieces of metal then go back with the others into their containers.

Forest for the Trees 1. 10x10cm. In the display case Bird’s Eye View.
Balancing Act 2. 9x11cm. Owner in Melbourne.

My background

I currently create brooches, three-dimensional sculptures and wall sculptures. My wall sculptures range in size from less than 6x6cm to more than a metre square.

My background has been varied, including training in painting, weaving, ceramics and jewellery design. I have recently participated in workshops in alcohol ink, mosic, and fabric and stitch collage.

I work as an artist in residence at River Studios. My works have appeared in numerous solo and group exhibitions. I am also the facilitator for Creativity Cluster, a group of eight women artists. We offer a range of exhibitions, artist talks and workshops in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area.

Brooches made from found objects.
Game of Thrones 1. 9x15x10cm. Owner in Hanoi.