Solo exhibitions

First solo exhibition in Laos

Although I had been creating wall sculptures in Melbourne that I sold through Incube8r Gallery, my first solo exhibition was in October 2017 at the Lao Friends Children’s Hospital Visitor Centre in Luang Prabang, Laos. It was entitled ‘From the Streets of Luang Prabang‘. I ran it as a fundraising benefit and raised several hundred dollars for the hospital. You can view the gallery on Instagram at hashtag #nancydeelaoexhibition .

Melbourne exhibitions

My first solo exhibition in Australia was entitled ‘From the Streets of Melbourne‘. It was held at the Melbourne City Library in January 2018.  You can read about it in my blog, or view the exhibition on Instagram using the hashtag #nancydeelibraryshow.

In October 2018 I had an exhibition and ran a free Art from Trash workshop at the North Melbourne Spring Fling as part of their Grand Designs program. You can see my works exhibited at the Instagram hashtag #nancydeespringfling , and you can see the flatlays made by workshop participants on my Instagram account @nancydeeworkshops.

In November 2018 I collaborated with Julia Zoellner, a young German artist that I met through Instagram. Our joint exhibition was entitled ‘Upcycled from the City Streets’. It was held in Southbank at The Guild Assembly Point vitrines. You can read about it in the Creative Spaces blog.  You can also view the gallery on Instagram using the hashtag #nancydeeupcycledshow .

In December 2018 the School of Living Music enabled me hold an exhibition as part of their end-of-year concert, as a fundraising benefit for the Music for Everyone School in Luang Prabang, Laos. Then in April 2019, I held another small exhibition and Art from Trash workshop as part of the North Melbourne Spanish Language Fiesta (see blog).

Back to Laos

In September 2019 I had a solo exhibition called ‘From the Streets of Vientiane‘ at The Secret Art and Wine Bar in the Mandala Boutique Hotel in Vientiane, Laos. The exhibition was an art benefit for the Cultural Studies Series, and all funds received from sales were donated to sponsor a publication by Lao young adults for Lao young adults, to be published by Big Brother Mouse. The exhibition was launched by the Australian Ambassador to Laos.

Then back to Melbourne

From 2 December 2019 to 16 January 2020, my exhibition ‘Cityscapes from the City Streets’ was on at the North Melbourne Library. It featured about 25 of my small works, which were housed in two display cases on the ground floor. An open studio was held on 11 January in conjunction with the exhibition.

Sim City 1. 9x15cm. Displayed in ‘From the Streets of Luang Prabang’.
Magi (Los Tres Reyes Magos). 8x15cm. Displayed in ‘From the Streets of Melbourne’. Owner in Queensland.
City in the Frame 1. 45x51cm. Purchased as a gift from the exhibition ‘Upcycled from the City Streets’. Owner in North Melbourne,
Water Under the Bridge, created jointly with Julia Zoellner. Centrepiece of display case Bird’s Eye View with Lin Tobias.