About NancyDee Sculptures

My name is Nancy D Lane, but I work under the name NancyDee Sculptures. I call myself a found object assemblage sculptor, though my daughter sometimes refers to me as a ‘junk gluer’.

Creating my artworks

That’s because I create artworks from metal, wood, tile and plastic rubbish. I gather these materials from the streets and laneways of Melbourne, as well as other cities where I have worked and travelled.

  • I became an artist because of a long, flat thin piece of metal that I found on the street. One find led to another and another, and I decided to do something with all the lost and discarded objects I’d found.
  • I create my artworks by laying out an interesting group of found objects on a tile or board. Then I arrange and rearrange them, and finally glue them down.
  • River Studios in West Melbourne is where I create my wall sculptures, 3D sculptures and brooches. It is managed by Creative Spaces for the City of Melbourne.
  • Inspiration for my artworks is all around me – from viewing the Melbourne skyline to picking up unusual pieces of junk.

Related art activities

Creating art is my most important activity. However, interacting with the community and working for a better future are also important to me. That’s why I am involved in the following:

  • Creativity Cluster is a group of nine women artists who each work in different mediums, and I am the group facilitator. We hold exhibitions, give artist talks and tours, run pop-up art activities and teach a range of workshops.
  • Sustainability is a feature of how I create my art. I also support environmental and community organisations through art fundraising activities.
  • Art from Trash workshops is how I try to spread the word about sustainability. My main message is the 5 Rs: refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle.

For more information online

The Instagram account for my wall sculptures and 3-dimensional works is called @NancyDeeSculptures. My brooches are on Instagram at @NancyDeeBrooches. Exhibitions and activities by Creativity Cluster artists are at @CreativityCluster.

My works are available at my exhibitions, as well as more permanently at Incube8r Gallery in Fitzroy, the Joel Gallery shop in Altona, Dimora Designs at Fyansford Paper Mill in Geelong and FOUND:ling Reusery in Colac. Gallery information is in the footer. My artworks are also available through my online shop.

I have written about my experiences as an artist during Covid. You can read the short article that appeared in Art Almanac’s online newsletter, or a longer blog on the Millenium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB) Arts Community website. My art has also appeared in various media, include news articles and videos.

To contact me for more information, please use the form below: