Art from Trash workshops

Bring your own or use mine

I often offer workshops where participants can create art from trash. Participants can bring in their own found objects or use some of the wide range of metal and plastic junk that I’ve collected. Check my home page to see if there are currently any workshops on offer.

Cityscape and landscape wall sculpture workshops

At Louis Joel Gallery in Altona, The Old Auction House in Kyneton and various libraries and community centres, I occasionally run workshops on creating cityscapes or landscapes from trash. Participants in these workshops design their wall sculpture, then glue the materials to a small, colourful tile. There is a small fee for these workshops.

Design an art brooch or magnet workshops

At these same venues, I occasionally offer workshops where participants can design their own brooch or magnet. They can use wood, stone or sea glass bases, and bring their own found objects to mount if they wish. There is a small fee for these workshops. 

Found object flatlay workshops

Children (and adults who are willing) also have the chance to create flatlays from found objects. I hold free workshops at festivals such as the North and West Melbourne Spring Fling in October and the North Melbourne Spanish Language Fiesta in April.

I have held similar free workshops at the Banksia Festival for the reopening of the La Mama Theatre, at the River Studios Open Day and for Clean Up Australia Day at Renew Geelong. In addition, I often hold flatlay workshops  in conjunction with my art exhibitions.

Children as young as 2 and adults as old as 83 have created flatlays at my workshops. I encourage people to photograph their flatlays and either post them to Instagram, or print them out and tape to their fridge.

You’re invited to try it yourself!

If you’re interested in attending a workshop on creating art from trash, please check the events listings on my home page. I also run workshops privately in my studio, where there is access to lots and lots of my assorted but sorted trash. Use the form on the contact page to ask for more information.

Creating found object flatlays based on Spanish-language children’s books at the Spanish Language Fiesta
Preparing for a found object flatlay workshop for Clean Up Australia Day
Mother and son working away, creating flatlays at Renew Geelong