Brooches, Wall Sculptures, 3D Sculptures and Art Magnets

I have combined my shop and gallery, so that you can see the range of works I make. Then if you wish, you can purchase on the spot. Check out my

Art to view — or to wear

Although I design my larger artworks to hang on the wall, I create many of my smaller ones to set on a book shelf or desk. All of my sculptures come either with a stand or a wire for hanging, or they are freestanding.

However, many of my small artworks are either wearable or useable. These include my brooches, magnets and paperweights.

Most of my brooches can be converted to magnets, or magnets to brooches, on request. Just let me know your preference at the checkout.

In case what you like has already been sold

My works that have been sold, as well as those that are still available, are included in the combined shop and gallery. If there is a sold item that you particularly like, contact me to see if I have enough found objects to make something similar.

However, I can guarantee that no two of my works will ever be identical. They are all dependent on the junk I have available in the studio at the time.

Along the Yarra 6 wall sculpture
Cylindrical City in Miniature brooch