Videos and Podcasts

My art exhibitions and arts practice have been reported by various arts centres and festivals through videos on public television, YouTube, Instagram Live and Instagram Reels. A podcast about my arts practice is also available through either Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Listen to the podcast called ‘Nancy Lane turns street scraps into streetscapes’. It was recorded by Tom Rigby in December 2023 for the Market to Melrose podcast series. It is available on Podbean, as well as on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Belco Arts created an Instagram reel to promote my exhibition Zero Waste: Doing It Imperfectly. It’s now available on YouTube. The Instagram version, without sound, is accessible as well – and you can hear the sound separately by clicking on ‘Original audio’ under the title.

I was interviewed about the creation and installation of my outdoor sculpture, Termite Mound Reimagined, at Eden Gardens. Watch the 5-minute interview on YouTube.

Interviewed by Bec Reid in 2020 about Creativity Cluster and the exhibition De-Construction/Re-Construction, which was part of the
Seniors Festival Reimagined
Filmed at River Studios, which is managed by Creative Spaces for the City of Melbourne

This interview about my arts practice was filmed by Natalia Palacio and Luke Seeka for the Channel 31 Polywaffle arts program. It was broadcast on 5 October 2018 and repeated on 11 October. Channel 31 is a Melbourne community television station.

Contacting me for interview

To contact me for interview, either about my own arts practice or about the Creativity Cluster group of nine women artists, please use the form on the contact page.