On Reflection – Handmade Brooch


I find this brooch very meditative, both in the ‘pose’ and in the green reflection. You won’t find another one like it, guaranteed.

I created this one-of-a-kind 5x5x2cm handmade brooch, called On Reflection, from bits and bobs I found on the streets of Melbourne. This includes a bent metal hook with a hole through one end, a clear iridescent green marble and a shiny bit of green metal, all mounted on a thin chunk of cement. It is suggestive of someone meditating or reflecting, while the marble reflects the light around it.

I normally create larger wall sculptures and 3D sculptures with what I find, but last year I had a chance to think small – in particular, brooch-sized. Through Instagram I met handmade jewellery designer Lynn Powers from New Orleans. She regularly encouraged me to try making jewellery from the found objects I collected, but I never had.

Then I saw that the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria was holding its annual brooch exhibition. I entered in 2019, and five of my pieces were displayed. Since then, I’ve discovered how much fun it is to make these one-of-a-kind brooches.

I am committed to developing a more sustainable arts practice. My hope is that you will enjoying wearing this brooch as much as I enjoyed making it. As importantly, I hope it will remind you of the 5Rs: refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle.