No Loose Screws 3 – Small sculpture or paperweight


What do you call a sculpture made from screws? Some rude puns suggested themselves, but I chose No Loose Screws instead! This is the third in the series. It appeared in the exhibition ‘Diminutive’ at The Old Auction House in Kyneton in 2019.

This is a small 9x10x3cm sculpture called No Loose Screws 3. I made in 2017 from my home studio, before I became an artist-in-residence at River Studios in West Melbourne. It is made entirely from a hunk of cement and metal screws that I found on the streets of Melbourne during my daily walks. It comes with a small stand, but it can also be used flat as a paperweight.

Although I created some representational works that year, the majority were more abstract or geometrical. They often juxtaposed different types of found objects, such as nuts and bobby pins, or cream chargers and hair clips.

My palette during this time was essentially silver-coloured, rust-coloured, wood grain and black, so I was fascinated with the subtle range of variations in scratches, patina and sheen of the objects I found. Many of the metal pieces had turned a fine shade of rust from months or years on the street before I ‘rescued’ them.

Your chance to buy a one-of-a-kind, sustainably made sculpture that doubles as a paperweight. A gift for a friend or family member – or for yourself in your office or study.

Weight 0.45 kg