Approaching the Gate of the Golden Temple – Miniature wall sculpture


This miniature wall sculpture is inspired by the two years I spent in Bangkok. I often visited the Golden Temple there, and enjoyed the meditative walk to the top, getting away from the incessant Bangkok traffic.

This 5x11cm wall sculpture is called Approaching the Gate of the Golden Temple. It comes with a stand, and can be set on a bookshelf, desk, or bedside table.

I created it from a small dark blue tile,  a piece of sheet metal, and various gold-coloured bits and pieces. All of these bits and bobs I found on the streets of Melbourne during my daily walks.

I work as a found object assemblage artist and jewellery designer, creating wall sculptures, 3D sculptures and brooches. I limit my ‘raw materials’ to the metal, wood, tiles and plastic that I gather from streets and skips.

Many of my works are inspired by the Melbourne skyline, especially at sunrise and sunset. Often I try to incorporate ‘natural features’. A bent nail may suggest a meandering river. Rusted sheet metal can transform into a cloud. A broken tile becomes a mountain.

My more abstract works are stimulated by the found objects themselves, which I often place in juxtaposition. At other times, I emphasise their rusted, scratched or variegated surfaces.

My art is inspired by a strong interest in sustainability through repurposing and upcycling. My hope is that this artwork makes you smile. At the same time, reminds you of the 5Rs to help our planet: refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle.